Why Social Media Data Collection Is a Good Idea

Social media has pervaded virtually every aspect of our lives. We use social media in many ways on a regular basis: productivity, networking, education, games, music, navigation and everything in between. Did you know 74 percent of online adults use social networking sites and there are more than 2 billion active social media accounts? That equals a ton of social media data – data you can use to make decisions, protect your people and assets, and drive your marketing strategy. But how do you manage so much social media data across so many platforms?

Snaptrends’ social media data collection uses the right technology that does the heavy lifting for you.

Social media data collection has its benefits:

  1. New data source: Social media is publicly sourced information that offers a completely new reference of data researchers and marketers never had in the past. With every post, conversation and site or app visit, a user leaves behind pieces of information about themselves. This data goes beyond simple demographic information to robust details like preferences, intent, sentiment, activities and social networks.
  2. Current data: In the past, customer/personal data was, well, in the past. This data was historical because it required a person to input the information into a system of record where it could be referenced at any time. Social media data offers not only this historical view but also an up-to-the-second, streaming view. When this data is combined, organizations have a complete picture of their audience and can even use some of the data to predict future behavior.
  3. Representative data: Social media data is likely the best representation of a user because it is a streaming record of their beliefs, attitudes and actions. No other source of data offers the same kind of granular detail into a person’s life. Organizations can use this data to get to know a person on an individual level.

Snaptrends’ Social Media Data Collection

The nature of social media data is constant, always on, always moving. In order for that data to be useful, you need to see it as it unfolds. With Snaptrends, you have the ability to see posts in real time in the Snaptrends Live View. Don’t worry, our technology enables you to whittle down all of that big data into segments that make sense for your organization. You will have access to a set of analytic and filtering features such as keyword filters, Word Cloud, Mood and Sentiment so you can get to the good stuff fast.

Snaptrends location-based social media data collection

Snaptrends collects data from numerous social networks and displays it in an easy-to-digest way

Our automated analytical and visualization tools allow you to digest large amounts of data to “see” data and influencer correlations. You can view your results from a number of different perspectives, including multiple community or relationship diagrams, sentiment and mood graphs, and topic of conversation bubbles.

With Snaptrends, you can simultaneously conduct a social media search and access the meaningful conversations from primary social media networks, like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Google+
  • Flickr

Our software is architected to connect to additional social media data feeds as they pop up in the future so you are always in the know. It can also translate content into more than 80 languages, with localized translation in six languages and growing. No matter where, when or how social media happens, Snaptrends will be there to get you the data you need.