Why Understanding Social Sentiment Matters

Sentiment is a tricky thing. It’s how a person feels about something and we know feelings are harder to gauge than concrete data. But when you are analyzing social media data to determine sentiment, what a person feels is just as important as the words they use. Their sentiment implies their opinion about a topic, brand, product or person, and the words they use to express that opinion may not tell the whole story. It’s like looking at a person’s body language to determine the intent of their words. They may say one thing, but their attitude can be more accurately deciphered by looking at their body language or assessing their tone.

When it comes to social media, sentiment may not be explicitly stated, only implied. Unless you have dedicated resources, you need sophisticated technology to be able to understand how people feel when they post comments or participate in conversations. It’s not enough to simply see the conversations; you must dig deeper so you can focus on the right information. 

Snaptrends uses a proprietary natural language engine to understand the tone of a conversation so you can understand its true meaning and make informed decisions.

Social Sentiment Analysis Has Its Benefits:

  1. Measure responses: If you are a marketer or manufacturer, you need to know how consumers are responding to your product launch. If you’ve invested in an event, you need to know how the community is responding to your efforts. No matter your industry or requirements, Snaptrends makes it easy to measure sentiment so you know exactly what’s working and what isn’t based on real, instant feedback. 
  2. Discover trends: People talk and social media is the perfect platform to gauge how topics are trending. Are the conversations around your  brand, product or service trending positively or negatively? When you understand the sentiment trends, you can respond quickly and proactively. 
  3. Eliminate irrelevant data: Many social media discovery tools stop at just mentions and don’t consider sentiment. That means you have to sift through irrelevant data to get to what you really want to know, wasting time and resources. Snaptrends automatically analyzes sentiment from conversations so you can disregard irrelevant data and focus on the good stuff. 
  4. Understand your audience: The main point of discovering social conversations is to better understand your audience. Unless you can decipher sentiment, you’re missing a huge data point — their opinion. Snaptrends gets to the heart of what your audience really thinks so you can go beyond mentions to what they actually feel about your brand, product or service.
Snaptrends location-based social media sentiment visualization

Snaptrends helps you easily visualize the sentiment behind social media posts

Snaptrends Social Sentiment Analysis

It may sound complicated and what it does is rather sophisticated, but Snaptrends’ proprietary language engine was built by people determined to make discovering sentiment a breeze. Our engine turns social media data into social media insights and does what you likely don’t have time to do — gauge sentiment of every person in every conversation around your brand, product or service.

What does this mean for you?

  • Spend less time analyzing data
  • Include sentiment in your analysis for a more comprehensive customer profile
  • Get a better perspective of what’s really happening in your market
  • Use real data versus assumptions to make decisions 

No other social media discovery software is more powerful with more capabilities than Snaptrends. We built our technology from the ground up to make your life easier while giving you the detailed, relevant social media data you need to make decisions, develop strategies and innovate successfully.