The healthcare industry has more to manage than just ill and injured patients.

Social media isn’t generally considered much in the healthcare environment, but the data within many social media posts and conversations is proving to be quite valuable to researchers and healthcare officials. By searching social outlets and providing social media searches for mentions of keywords, healthcare officials can be proactive and vigilant.

People are increasingly going to social media to voice their problems, sentiment and intentions, and that can often cross into the healthcare world.

Social media for Healthcare

Snaptrends in Healthcare

Most people in the healthcare industry would tell you they are there to help people first and foremost. Healthcare facilities and networks can use social media insights from Snaptrends to more efficiently and effectively serve their communities.

Snaptrends makes protecting all aspects of a business easier than ever:

Snaptrends helps healthcare organizations ensure staff members are in compliance with safety standards, prevent unnecessary spread of disease, and prepare for disasters and emergencies as they occur. Segmenting the population at this granular level and filtering out irrelevant data allows healthcare leaders to concentrate on only meaningful social media posts, conserving valuable time and resources.

How do we do it?

  • Using geospatial analysis a user-specified lens can be placed over any healthcare location around the world
  • Advanced analytics
  • Custom keywords
  • Refinement tools

Our software automatically provides historical and real-time insight into activities that may compromise staff and patient safety, policies, federal regulations, and asset and supply integrity.

Using social media for Healthcare in Snaptrends

Quickly gauge the social sentiment over locations with interactive charts.

Common use cases for Social Media for Healthcare are:

  • Fighting the spread of disease
  • Patient and employee safety
  • Crisis preparation and management
  • Patient sentiment detection
  • Loss prevention
  • Patient/Doctor engagement
  • ER/Patient communication of wait times

Snaptrends can provide your organization with the insights you need to make the most informed decisions to better serve your community and patients. Call us today for an on-site visit and product demo so we can show you exactly how Snaptrends can work for you.