Sports and athletic events offer the perfect opportunity for brands to get a better understanding of and market to captive audiences. Brands pay big dollars to sponsor, host or advertise at an event. It can be challenging to know if that investment paid off other than reviewing immediate sales. Of course, wherever large numbers of people gather, there poses inherent risks as well. Protecting athletes, spectators and people in and around a sporting event is always a top priority.

By searching social media for mention of keywords, organizations can determine social sentiment, intent, preferences and activity as it happens. No other data source provides this real-time view into what’s trending, brand resonance and even potential risks.

Social media gives both marketers and security insight into the social conversations happening in and around an event.

Social media for sports and athletics

Snaptrends for Sports and Athletic

Athletic events have become big business. They generate a lot of revenue and offer large audiences for organizations to market to before, during and after an event. Unfortunately, they can also be an ideal environment for criminal activity. Organizations affiliated with sports and athletics can use Snaptrends to conduct market research, target messaging, and effectively market to spectators as well as to protect everyone at the event. It can even be used to keep track of what players, coaches and staff are saying on social media to be proactive in addressing any potential controversy.

Snaptrends makes understanding social media conversations in the context of location easier than ever: 

  • Specific location and global viewing
  • Live streaming and historic views
  • Customizable alerts
  • Social media data collection
  • Trend and text analysis

Snaptrends helps organizations ensure the safety of athletes, teams and the people at a sporting event while giving brands excellent insight into consumer behaviors and attitudes towards their brand. Our software allows organizations to eliminate the irrelevant posts and focus on the social conversations with the information they really want to know.

How do we do it? 

  • Geofencing with a user-specified lens placed over event(s)
  • Advanced analytics
  • Custom keywords and filters
  • Refinement tools

Our location-based social media software offers mapping overlays and drill-down functionality to pinpoint activity when and where it happens. From global heat maps to visualize where people are mentioning team-related keywords and hashtags around the world to stadium heat maps to see where people are posting in and around the stadium, Snaptrends offers ground-level insight no other data source can provide.

Social media for sports and athletics using media over a stadium

Quickly scroll through photos, videos and other media with the Media Mosaic

Common use cases for Social Media for Sports and Athletics:

  • General safety
  • Fan and customer experience
  • Asset and facility security
  • Event security and insights
  • Brand awareness
  • Fan and media trends and sentiments
  • Merchandising opportunities
  • Customer service
  • Crisis management
  • Intellectual property protection
  • HR violations

Snaptrends can provide your organization with the insights you need to make the most informed decisions to guide strategy. Call us today for a product demo so we can show you exactly how Snaptrends can work for you.