Why Your Connections Matter

For consumers, social media search enables them to find answers to questions from across their social media networks. Since reports show 74 percent of us are using social media and the majority of us use more than one social media network, we have access to quite an impressive source of information. But organizations also are using social media search to find information from across multiple channels. They are constantly searching social media to identify trends, influencers, sentiment and intent, just to name a few. Never before have all of us had so much access to such a massive data source.

For organizations, it is imperative they can connect to multiple social media channels because no one channel offers a complete picture. If you’re going to do a social media search, you must have as much social media as possible.

Snaptrends connects to all primary social media platforms and pulls in relevant data from alternate networks so organizations can find more information faster.

Social Media Search Has Its Benefits:

  1. Find information from more than one source: If you’re only looking at Facebook to find your information, you’re missing the estimated 304 million Twitter users. The intent of social media search is to offer access to multiple social media networks.
  2. Identify influencers: When you look across the various social media platforms, you can often identify key influencers who are moving the needle on sentiment or have established themselves as leaders in some capacity. Organizations can use this information to develop engagement strategies, or simply to keep an eye on the competition.
  3. Get information quickly: Access to social networks means organizations are able to find what they are looking for quickly. The information is publicly available 24 hours a day, so you never have to wait to find what you need.
  4. Receive real-time information: Social media is always on, always streaming — meaning you have access to real-time information whenever you need it.
Snaptrends location-based social media search

Search across all available channels or filter out channels for a more specific search

Snaptrends Social Media Search

Snaptrends may not have all the answers but we know where to find them. If people are using social media, they are freely offering up personal information and it is publicly available to anyone with the right technology to access it. The key is to have access to the ever-increasing list of social media networks. Snaptrends is architected to connect to not only today’s most popular social media networks, but also the social media data feeds of the future. We are constantly working to expand our networks so you always have access to the latest data. Our technology is intelligent and able to connect user profiles from across the multiple social media networks they use so you get a consolidated view.

With Snaptrends, you have access to social networks, like:

And these are just the U.S.-based social networks. We have connections to the primary and secondary social media networks around the globe with more than 80 languages translated for you so nothing is out of reach. Our technology allows you to access and collect data from any of our connected social networks simultaneously so you can find what you need faster, with less effort. That means you can use the data with confidence to make decisions and proactively respond.