Getting to the Heart of Social Media Data

Social media data is abundant and valuable. Statistics show the vast majority of people are using social media to some extent and many are using multiple platforms simultaneously. Each time they do, they leave behind fingerprints of who they are. You can learn a lot about a person based on the conversations they have, the products and brands they purchase, the places they frequent and the activity they share with their network of “friends.”

Tapping into that data is a good idea, but the sheer amount of it can be overwhelming. Segmenting big data into digestible and usable chunks doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right technology, you can easily tackle social media data and use it to your advantage.

Snaptrends was built from the ground up to make big data easy data.

Social Media Data Has Its Benefits:

  1. New data: Social media data adds another layer of detail to a persona beyond traditional audience data like demographics, sales history or background research. Social media users voluntarily offer plenty of personal data with each post or engagement with a social media app, but they also leave behind inference-based information based on their tone, sentiment, mood and search histories, for example. This data can be aggregated to form a more comprehensive picture of who that person is.
  2. Timely data: It’s great to have historical data, but adding real-time data to the mix ensures you have the most accurate portrayal of your subject. It’s not enough to know what they did last month; in order to respond proactively, you need to know what they are doing right now. Social media data is often time-stamped so you can see up-to-the-minute streaming activity. Because most people use their social media accounts multiple times a day, there is always fresh data to find.
  3. Relevant data: Not all data is equal. Social media data, if properly analyzed, can be integrated from across platforms and networks into a single user persona. This means the data you uncover can be attributed at the individual level, giving you much more granular detail than if you only had market data over a group or segment of the population. The data is generally user-generated so it is a relevant, accurate source.

Snaptrends Social Media Data

We don’t create the social media data, we just help you find it, filter it and leverage it for your business purposes. We connect to all of the major social media networks and can translate data into 80 different languages so you can be sure you are seeing all of the data. Our technology is intelligent, meaning it can automatically decipher intent and context from a social conversation so your results are more targeted and accurate.

Analyze and visualize social media data with Snaptrends location-based social media software

Snaptrends analyzes and visualizes relevant, actionable social media data

Snaptrends allows you to:

  1. Group: With Smart Grouping, you can automatically organize search results into groups to identify influencers across geographic areas or keyword usage.
  2. Refine: Conduct a social media search and refine your results using the flexibility of filtering by location, keywords, users, media types and using Boolean search operations.
  3. Stream: As events unfold, you have the ability to see posts in real time in the Snaptrends Live View and access a set of analytic and filtering features such as keyword filters, Word Cloud, Mood and Sentiment. With geofencing, it’s easy to zoom in on an area of the social media map to view conversations in real time.
  4. Understand: With Snaptrends’ proprietary natural language engine, you can understand the tone of the conversations going on, make the appropriate decisions, and act accordingly. Measure the response to a product launch or a community event to find out who’s happy or upset and whether conversations are trending positively or negatively.
  5. Gauge: With Snaptrends’ automated analytical and visualization tools, you can digest large amounts of social media data and “see” data.

With connections to the world’s most popular social networks and embedded tools to help you refine your results, you will be able to filter out the noise so you can quickly find the social media data you actually need.