What is Geospatial Intelligence?

Snaptrends enables organizations to enrich data analysis with geospatial intelligence for a greater understanding of audience behavior in the context of location.

Geospatial Intelligence, or GEOINT, is information gathered about a person or group based on their physical location. It is often visually depicted so users can quickly see relationships and context for proactive response. In today’s world, finding the physical location of anyone is quite simple with the help of GPS. Our mobile devices ensure we are never truly out of reach. Organizations can use geospatial technology to locate people in a user-specified area, giving them ground-level insight into activity happening in that location.

The value of geospatial intelligence is that it adds necessary detail researchers and organizations require for in-depth analysis. With the context of location and time, users can better understand the actions of their audience, whether it be customers, prospects, competition or even suspects. Geospatial intelligence is often the missing piece of data users need to make better strategic decisions because it not only answers the what, but it reveals the where and when.

Snaptrends social media geospatial intelligence

Snaptrends lets you visualize the location of social activity, providing geospatial intelligence quickly

Geospatial Intelligence Has Its Benefits:

  1. Quickly find what you’re looking for: Refining search results based on the physical location of the subject saves valuable time and resources that can be spent analyzing the relevant data instead of finding it.
  2. See your results: Visualizing geospatial intelligence makes identifying patterns, networks and context simpler and faster so actions can be calculated and proactive.
  3. Make more informed decisions: With the added layer of geospatial detail, stakeholders can be confident in their decisions and drive more targeted engagements.

Snaptrends Geospatial Intelligence

Snaptrends has been a leader in geospatial intelligence for years, helping clients realize the full potential of social media and geospatial analysis. Our technology is complex and sophisticated, but using it is simple. By placing a geofencing lens over any geographical area of any shape or size, users can hone in on activity under that lens. Social media conversations, photos, blogs and posts across the most widely used social media channels can be monitored automatically to bring users the most precise, geospatial intelligence available.

With Snaptrends, it’s easy to:

  • Discover influencers across the globeUsing Snaptrends’ automated analytical and visualization tools, you are able to digest large amounts of social media data and visualize influencer relationships. You can choose the level of detail from a number of perspectives and mapping overlays, including multiple community or relationship diagrams, sentiment and mood graphs, topic of conversation bubbles and heat maps.
  • Ensure no social conversations is missedWith Snaptrends’ proprietary algorithms and processes, you can hear the full spectrum of social conversations across multiple social media channels in any user-defined area. Our automated matching algorithms stitch together conversations from a single person across their different social channels so users can be certain they are hearing everything, no matter where that person posts.
  • Narrow results: Get to what you want faster using smart filtering by Snaptrends. Focus on the conversations and posts that matter to you and your organization by automatically narrowing results by location, keywords, users, date ranges, media types and Boolean search operators.
  • View posts in real time or over time: Snaptrends gives you the ability to see posts and conversations when they happened or as they happen using the Live View option. Zoom in on an area of the social media map under your lens to view posts in real time so you can follow the conversation as if you were part of it.

No other social media monitoring solution offers the level of detail, flexibility and ease of use as Snaptrends geospatial technology. We help organizations of any industry leverage geospatial intelligence to guide strategies and engage with people on a personal level.