Why You May Want to Do a Facebook Search by Location

More people use Facebook than any other app. People have built their network to include thousands of “friends,” many of whom they have ongoing conversations with, sharing posts, photos and videos. While most of these conversations are meaningless to anyone else, some contain valuable information organizations would like to know for one reason or another. How to access that information is the question.

Unless you are explicitly invited into the conversation, you must use specific technology to gain access to this public source of social media data. Some social media monitoring tools alert you when your brand is mentioned on Facebook, but there is plenty more valuable information within these conversations than just a brand mention or a “like.”

Snaptrends empowers organizations to gain insight into Facebook conversations based on the user’s location and keywords.

Searching Facebook by Locations Has Its Benefits:

  1. Find data specific to Facebook and user location: There are so many social media networks in the world today, it’s hard to keep up, but Facebook continues to rank at the top. When you need data about Facebook users or the conversations they may be having, you can narrow your results further if you specify users in a particular location.
  2. Target marketing efforts or outreach to only Facebook users in a certain location: If you are in marketing or sales and need to reach Facebook users in a particular location, say in close proximity to your business, being able to search Facebook users in your area is a great way to focus your attention and messaging.
Search Facebook by location with Snaptrends location-based social media monitoring software

Search Facebook posts by location to discover the most relevant Facebook posts in a specific area

Snaptrends Enables Fast Facebook Search by Location

Snaptrends technology was built for location-based social media searches. Our intuitive software enables you to place a geofencing lens over any location or area, no matter its size or shape. You can then monitor your Facebook feed in real time in these areas by keyword, segment users, analyze the results and use the insights to drive decisions and strategy.

The lens can be a specific address or an entire continent, and you can place lenses simultaneously over various locations. Our lens will track every Facebook post and conversation with your keywords, giving you accurate and instant data that can be visualized on social media maps for greater precision. We offer the ability to incorporate a variety of mapping overlays, including heat maps and activity clusters, demographics, weather radar, and emergency watches. The map viewing options also allow you to locate Facebook posts on a standard map, satellite view or street view.