How Location-Based Social Media Is Changing the Game

Our mobile phones have quickly replaced most of our other devices and even our minds, in certain instances. Fewer people use a dedicated calculator, calendar, watch, timer, alarm clock, map, Rolodex or phone book anymore. Our cell phones have the capacity to do all of these functions and so much more. One of the greatest advancements has come with regards to locations. We can find virtually anything and any place using only our mobile phones.

Location based social media uses the geographic position of a mobile device through a network. Using Location based services helps us find recommendations on nearby establishments, get directions based on our current location and find the closest gas station.

Snaptrends uses location-based social media to help organizations find social media content and users based on their geographic location.

Location-Based Social Media Has Its Benefits:

  1. Identify locations easily and quickly: For the user, location based social media is generally used for convenience or entertainment. Within seconds, a user can be given a list of places with directions in relation to where they are currently located. The user can search for specific types of information, like Italian food restaurants or general information, like how many gas stations are between their current location and their destination.
  2. Narrow results: Searching through social media big data is overwhelming unless you have the means to filter it into digestible segments. Using location based social media, organizations can find only those social users in a given location, greatly reducing their search area. When you can focus on the critical data and rule out the irrelevant data, you can make better decisions faster and save valuable resources.
  3. Target messaging: Many organizations use location based social media to market to their customers. When a person enters an establishment using a mobile phone with location services, targeted messages can be pushed to them to encourage certain behavior, like flash sales and upsell opportunities. Other organizations can target their messaging when their establishment is identified as being close to the user’s location.
Snaptrends location based social media showing over Chicago

Location based social media can be used to gather more detailed insights by understanding where social media posts originate

How Snaptrends Uses Location-Based Social Media

Snaptrends connects to and allows you to search the most popular social networks, including: Facebook by location, Instagram by location and Twitter by location. Our technology enables you to segment your search criteria based on your own parameters using a custom-defined lens over a specified location. Anyone using location based social media within that lens can be monitored in real time. Even if they opt out of location services, you can track social users via custom keywords and pinpoint their location within your pre-established lens.