Social Media Content Privacy Policy

Updated: July 2016

This Social Media Content Policy describes our privacy practices related to publicly available content obtained from the Internet through the Snap Trends services (“Service”). Our Privacy Policy contains additional information regarding our collection, use and disclosure of information collected from customers and users of our Service and our website. Capitalized terms not defined in this Social Media Content Policy shall have the meaning set forth in our Terms of Service.

Description Of The Service

The Service provides a proprietary platform and online tools that allow our customers to: (i) monitor, access, store and manage social media content (“Content”) related to their brand, their products and services, their activities, and their industry; and (ii) analyze the Content and determine trends, sentiment, mood and volume.

As part of the Service, we display to our customers certain metrics relating to individual posts on applicable social media Web sites and the individuals associated with the applicable Content to the extent such information is publicly available and/or available via API from the relevant Web site operators. Examples of metrics applicable to any particular post include the number of comments, number of unique commenters, number of likes (or similar action) and number of followers.

These metrics, and others, allow our customers to better analyze Content.Our Service also includes important tools to enable you to analyze Content, such as categorizing Content and displaying it through various graphs and representations as well as supplementing it with other data and insights. In some cases, we use third parties to provide additional analysis of and supplemental data for the Content. If historic data is available, our customers also have the ability to analyze Content using such data, giving a historical context.You are also able, through the Service, to engage and communicate in either a public or a private dialogue with individuals who post Content. You are responsible as the sender of any messages to individuals and you agree to comply with all applicable laws related to sending unsolicited email or spam and any terms of service of the Web site from which the individuals post was obtained. You also have the ability to store any such communications in the Service as set forth in the Terms of Service.

How We Collect Content

As part of our Service, we collect Content from several Web sites and social networking Web sites. These Web sites are publicly available and can be accessed directly and found using standard search engine technology and methods. We may use a Web crawler to obtain the Content, using APIs made available publicly, all in accordance with the applicable terms and protocols of the applicable Web sites, including without limitation any robots.txt protocols. It is our policy to never circumvent technical controls, such as usernames and passwords, to obtain Content, nor do we seek to thwart CAPTCHA technology (“Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart”). In addition, we limit crawling to portions of Web sites that are made public by the applicable Web site operator.

Use of Content

Your use of Content is governed by, and must be in accordance with, our Terms of Service, the terms of service of the applicable Web site from which the Content is obtained or derived, and applicable law. You are solely responsible for your compliance with the foregoing, and we are not responsible for any failure on your part to do so.

Content About You

If we hold Content about you, or you think we hold such Content, you may have the legal right, upon written request, to access such Content (subject to certain exceptions), and request that such information be corrected or deleted, as the case may be, if it is incomplete or inaccurate, or if we have obtained it in violation of applicable law or Web site terms and conditions. If so, to the extent known, we will inform you of the Content we store about you (subject to others’ privacy interests or legal rights), how it is being used and any other information required under applicable law. Our obligations to correct and delete is only in relation to Content in our possession and not in relation to any Content held by our customers or other third parties. Further, to the extent any Content continues to exist on the Internet, we will continue to access and use such Content despite any request for correction or deletion. Our obligation is limited to the extent required by applicable law or to term and conditions to which we have agreed.

To make a request, please send a letter, email, or fax addressed to our Snap Trends Privacy Office at the address indicated below. For all such requests, please include the following information: name, contact information, and the nature of the request (such as view information and/or delete information). We may require that you provide additional information to assist us in finding your Content or to verify your identity.

If you are a Web site operator and would like to request us to cease crawling the public portions of your Web site, you may also contact us using the information below.

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11801 Domain Blvd
3rd Floor
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