Public & Community Safety

The nature of public and community safety has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. With the introduction of initiatives such as building smarter, safer communities, incorporating technology and social infrastructure has become widespread throughout state and local public safety organizations.

Social media insights help public safety organizations not only save time and resources but also truly understand their communities, providing information such as community sentiment and situational awareness.

Social media is full of insights, helping public safety officials & emergency responders better understand and protect their communities


Using Snaptrends for Public Safety

The rise in popularity of social networking has revealed a vast landscape of public information which public safety organizations can use to gain valuable insights about their communities in order to better serve and protect.

Snaptrends helps public organizations filter this information through location and keyword-based searches to discover, analyze and share the information that will help keep their communities, and the people who live there, safe.

Snaptrends makes protecting and understanding communities easier than ever with:

  • Geo-specific & keyword searches
  • Live & historical social insights
  • Advanced analytics & data visualization
  • Easy information sharing
Social media for small cities using time matrix chart

Interactive charts and graphs help you easily visualize social insights

Snaptrends location-based services provides public safety organizations with accurate insight into their communities, making it simple to understand community sentiment, increase situational awareness, and improve community engagement.

To learn more about how Snaptrends can provide your organization with the insights you need to make the most informed decisions to better understand and protect your community, request a demo today!