Today’s schools are faced with serious issues on a daily basis. With cyber-bullying, school violence, self-harm and other potential threats, it is important for educational institutions to use any means available to provide a secure environment.

Social media for education can be the ideal tool to give education leaders information they otherwise would be challenged to find. Because most students communicate via social media and are sharing so much about themselves and their intentions, their public posts and conversations can often give valuable insights into potential issues before they happen. Social media monitoring allows schools to be proactive and keep students, staff and facilities safe.

As featured on NBC’s The TODAY Show, Snaptrends provides vital social media insights that can help keep students, faculty and staff safe by identifying cyber bullying and potential violent situations.

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Snaptrends in Education

The safety of every student and staff member is the top priority of schools and expected from parents. Whether the threat comes from a student, staff member or outside threat, Snaptrends can be a valuable asset schools can use to keep an eye and ear on what’s happening. Snaptrends partners with schools to help them leverage social media as an efficient method to protect students, facilities and staff while effectively managing crises as they unfold.

Snaptrends makes protecting students, staff and facilities easier than ever:

  • Multi-location or single location monitoring
  • Real-time and historical views
  • Customizable alerts

Snaptrends enables schools and districts to monitor social media in all of their campuses and facilities easily and quickly to find any threats or potential issues so they can be proactive and respond appropriately.

How do we do it?

  • Advanced analytics
  • Custom keywords
  • Geofencing by using geolocation lenses over campuses, school athletic venues, study abroad locations, etc.

The technology grabs and analyzes posts and messages and creates a social media map with these keywords posted from the lens-covered locations, whether from students or staff. Officials are alerted with real-time insights into potential issues so they can make critical decisions to ensure the safety and well-being of their population.

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Examples of Social Media for Education

Snaptrends is a valuable asset in many instances for education leaders. Snaptrends is already in use in many school districts around the country to aid in prevention and early intervention. As use of social media expands, so too will the Snaptrends social media software features.

In one case, a life was saved when officials were alerted of a suicide threat on social media. Because Snaptrends software recognized these posts as a real threat, the student’s family was promptly informed and the student received professional help.

In another case, the sale of drugs on campus was curbed when Snaptrends software uncovered a prolific drug operation using keywords officials had inputted. Inappropriate teacher-student relationships have been discovered, and student truancy has been more easily monitored.

Common use cases for Social Media for Education are:

  • Campus, student, teacher and staff safety
  • Student sentiment detection
  • Athletic event security
  • Vandalism discovery
  • Crisis management
  • Underage substance abuse/sales
  • Truancy
  • Cyber-bullying discovery
  • Cheating discovery
  • Inappropriate teacher/staff relationship with student discovery
  • Loss prevention

Snaptrends can help your district protect its students, staff and facilities beyond traditional security methods. Call us today for an on-site visit and product demo so we can show you exactly how Snaptrends can work for you.

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