New Business Relationship Turns on Access to the Full Firehose for SnapTrends Location Based Listening Solution

AUSTIN, TX – SnapTrends, the leading solution for location based listening for social media data today announced it will  upgrade to the social media data fire-hose provided by Gnip, the largest and most trusted provider of public social data.

Gnip delivers 100 billion public social data activities each month and has access to more social data than anyone else in the world including every public Tweet since Twitter’s inception in 2006. In addition to being a certified partner of Twitter, Gnip has access to the full firehoses of Tumblr, WordPress, StockTwits and Disqus.

“Our goal is to be the single source of record for all public conversations online,” said Chris Moody, President and COO of Gnip. “Ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies use social media content that travels through Gnip’s distribution network. We are pleased to have SnapTrends join the list of leading social media technologies using Gnip.”

Launched in Austin in the summer of 2012, SnapTrends delivers an innovative location-first listening solution, enabling organizations to listen over specific locations of any shape or size to better understand and effectively engage with customers.

“All Snap Trends consumers, whether Fortune 500 companies, public safety organizations or local retail outlets, can benefit from location based social media data to address brand management, customer service, product quality, market research and competitive intelligence,” said Eric Klasson, co-founder and CEO of SnapTrends. “Now SnapTrends customers have tools built on access to full firehoses of social media data. This ensures we have access to streaming, top quality data so you never miss a tweet or a post.”


Based in Austin, SnapTrends delivers location based social listening. Differentiated from other social media monitoring tools, with SnapTrends you can LISTEN and ANALYZE social data generated from the specific locations you care about. With better listening you can make better decisions.

Gnip is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of social media data, serving customers in a range of industries from social media monitoring and business intelligence to finance and government. Gnip’s customers deliver social media analytics to over 90% of the Fortune 500. Gnip delivers more than 100 billion real time social data activities each month, providing access to data from dozens of sources including Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Disqus and more.