A large majority of businesses, both large and small, haven’t taken advantage of social media because they don’t think they can reach their target markets online.

While that may hold true for a select few niche enterprises, the population on the Web – especially those who use social media – is growing by the day. In fact, according to a recent infographic released by Digital Insights, 46 percent of users turn to social media before making a purchase online.

That being said, what exactly are you waiting for? Here are 4 tips to help you increase revenue streams via social media:

1. Get going already: Just because the masses have already flocked online doesn’t mean it’s too late to start. Once you’re signed up, test out a few different platforms and see which ones yield the best results. There are a handful of different social media monitoring tools where you can analyze what’s being said about your brand, so stick with the ones where you see a positive impact. Once you’ve amassed a number of followers, commit to posting content often, Entrepreneur recommends. The more you post, the more visible you are to potential clients.

2. Become a dominant voice: A rule of thumb is to not overwhelm your followers with the same content on a daily basis; don’t update just for the sake of posting. A good way to get more followers is by providing industry news and information relevant to your company. It shows that your brand is knowledgeable about its surroundings, and it isn’t trying to force any overly-promotional content to the viewer. Entrepreneur suggests the 80/20 rule: The majority should be industry-related content  in the beginning so you can attract followers, then mix in sales and discounts once you have an attentive audience.

3. Don’t ignore what’s being said about you: Remember how nearly half of online consumers turn to social media before making an online purchase? These individuals are looking for votes of confidence before they spend their hard-earned money. Social media management gives you a better chance you have of converting casual viewers into sales. According to a recent eMarketer report, 47 percent of marketing professionals worldwide are trying to increase conversion rates. Brands can start doing so by engaging with their followers and showing that they value their loyalty.


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